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Is Halloween Going To Happen This Year?

It's on all of our minds, what do we do for Halloween? At the office, we are very sad that we won't be able to dress up this year - Our outfits are a little scary as is! We are especially sad that we won't get to see Dr. Rob in his Tooth Fairy Costume again!


Alternatives to Trick or Treating

If we can't go door-to-door trick or treating this year, here are some ideas to still celebrate this spooky time of year:

  • Make candy grab bags for your kids with candy and activites

  • Have a good ol' fashioned Halloween party with games

  • Create a candy hunt in your home or yard like you would an Easter egg hunt or scavenger hunt

  • Have a virtual pumpkin carving contest

  • Make an event out of making a costume and have a photo shoot

  • Make a Halloween themed meal

  • Secretly drop off some candy bags at the front door of your grandkids or friends houses

  • Make a haunted house with your family - use boxes to crawl through - it's extra scary when you are on your knees!

  • Have a virtual party

  • Have a Halloween themed craft night either with your family or virtually

  • Have a family game/movie night

  • Scary up your mask if you can't dress up at work- a marker would do the trick.

We wouldn't be a proper dental office if we didn't remind you to brush those teeth if you are eating candy! We say this because we always see a surge in cavities after Halloween and we are hoping that this year your smile stays un-holed.


Happy Thanksgiving

We want to wish all of you a wonderful thanksgiving! We hope it's filled with goodness and lots of turkey!


Halloween Colouring Contest!

We have some brand new toys sitting around and we want to share those toys with you!!! We decided to give away a toy to 1 lucky person who enters our colouring contest. Here are the rules:

  1. download the following colouring page

  2. colour it

  3. take a picture and tag us on facebook or instagram

  4. or email it to us at

We will draw a name and give away our toy on October 30th 2020



We love our follow friday’s because we get a chance to highlight what we love about our community!

Last month we featured:

  • Jennifer Gilbert Photography Why? We are loving her photography and feeling inspired by her biking!

  • JJ's Chip Wagon Why? We've always loved these guys but when they go the extra mile for us when we have our staff meeting, we wanna give them the BIGGEST shout out! Thanks guys!


Things going on around the office

Taking pictures for our holiday card

We thought about cancelling this year but decided that we'd still send out our annual holiday card. We get so much excellent feedback about our cards we think they are completely worth it. We are just trying to figure out how we'll do a socially distanced picture! Any ideas?

Cleaning out our closets

Maybe all of these new decluttering shows have gotten to us or then the addition of new PPE to store in our office, we have decided to do some decluttering. One of the biggest space taker is the models of our patient's teeth. Did you know that if we make a model of your teeth, we have to keep it for 10 years? Since we've turned 10 this year, we are going to have to start going through some of those old impressions! Wish us luck!

Got a new sign!

It is not nearly as nice as Laura's Welcome sign, but it's useful. We got essentially a stop sign at our front door to let people know that you must be invited in by a staff member in an effort to keep everyone socially distanced and safe. While we are hoping it's temporary, we are hoping it helps.

What to Expect

For anyone who has not come into our office since we've re-opened, we have some new protocols. We are keeping traffic to a minimum, spacing our appointments out further so we have a chance to sanitize and let our rooms settle. We are inviting people into the office as we are ready for them in order to allow for social distancing. Mostly, we are keeping up the high standards of disinfection and sanitization that we always have in order to keep our patients and team safe.


Happy October! Happy Thanksgiving! and Happy Halloween!

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