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It's Back To School!

Hello September! This cooler weather has us wanting to get out and hike! Who else loves this crisp fall feeling that's come into our air recently?

Back Up & Running - To Save The Environment

It was a picture on social media, we think, it was a picture of a sea horse floating beside a plastic tooth brush. That's what hit us. What can we do? We've been recommending that we throw away plastic toothbrushes once a month. That means each person throws away 12 tooth brushes a year, if you live to be 80, that's 960 toothbrushes in a lifetime! That's almost 1000 tooth brushes! YIKES!

What are we going to do about it? We are going to recycle them! We are not just going to recycle our own toothbrushes, but we are going to give a chance for anyone who comes into our office to recycle their toothbrushes. We've done some research and got a drop-off box where you can drop in your old tooth brushes. The box gets sent to a company who recycles them for us!

Don't throw away your old toothbrushes! Bring them into our office and we will recycle them for you!




Did you vote on for your favourite places in our area?

Did you know that Dr. Rob was nominated for best dentist? And the Tooth Doctors for Best Dental Services? We are honoured to be nominated!

We'd love it if you voted! You don't have to vote for us, but it would definitely put a smile on our face if we knew that you thought we had great services!

We would also love it if the other incredible places in Alliston got a vote too! This is why we've decided to give away a YETI tumbler to anyone who votes! All you have to do is go onto our instagram account @toothdoctors and comment "I voted" and you could get your very own YETI tumbler (This thing keeps your coffee or tea HOT for ages! We all have one (we HAD to test it out first to see if they were a suitable giveaway for our awesome patients!) and Dr. Rob keeps burning his tongue!).


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