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On opening day in 2010 Dr. Rob, nervous & excited woke up early to greet his first patient.  With a lot of hard work and effort, today we are a coffee drinking, scrub wearing, fun team of dental professionals challenged with the task of making a dental office a fun place to be (not the easiest thing in the world but we really do try).  Our team features locally raised dental professionals (but please don’t bite us, we don’t taste that great).

We are all about education, patient experience, & personalized care. To get a better sense of who we are visit our blog.   To book an appointment (because we’ve already convinced you that this is the place you want to be) give us a call, we are waiting for you!

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There are a few forms we ask each patient to fill out before they come into our office.  This is so we can make sure we provide each patient with the best possible care. Please fill out these forms and bring them into the office at your first visit. 


Did you know, like your fingerprints, you can be identified by your teeth? Every mouth is different, that's why we don't have a standard form for everyone. We'd rather speak to you if you have any questions that way we can give you care that is as unique as your teeth. 


We think that kids are awesome! It's even more awesome when they learn to take care of their mouth so well that they have no cavities.  Check out Facebook to see some of our stellar Cavity Free Kids & to learn more about the program. 

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