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Education is something we are pretty passionate about Here at the Tooth Doctors. Especially when it comes to teeth. We know that when children start young it sets them up for a life time of great habits. This year, we can't visit a classroom and but we know that oral health education is more important than ever. To celebrate Children's Dental Health month we've created resources for educators and parents alike to work at instilling those great oral hygiene practices.  

Sugar Bug Math 

5 fun sheets for primary learners to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication, Tooth fairy word problems, and understand the concept of how bacteria in the mouth "add up" quickly and how to get rid of them. 
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Taking Care of Your Teeth

A primary reader for primary learners. All about taking care of your teeth gives children an opportunity to understand the concepts of oral health care while colouring! A 10 page reader for a budding illustrator
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Animal Teeth

Learn all about the different kinds of teeth and relate them to your own mouth. Engage scientific minds with this fun worksheet all about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. 

Fun Activities

11 fun sheets for learners to interact with concepts of oral health. Included are 11 fun filled colouring pages, mazes, tic tac toe, I spy, and writing.  Designed to start children off on the right foot for their oral health. 
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Heidi's Tooth

Read a funny story about a girl in search of a way to get out her loose tooth. Inspired by Dr. Rob's own daughter and mother in law this story will bring oral health to a level children will love and understand. 
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VIDEO: Brushing your teeth

One of the most important things we do when we come to visit a classroom is to demonstrate how to actually brush your teeth. In this fun tik tok video our hygienist shows young learners how to brush their teeth.