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Must Love Teeth

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


  1. Grease

  2. Pretty Women

  3. Love Actually

  4. Mamma Mia

  5. Sweet Home Alabama

What do all of these Rom-Coms have in Common?

Every single one of the main characters have GREAT TEETH!

What are your top 5?


It's the Month of Love

We wanted to share with you some of the things we love about being in dentistry:

  • The smiles of our patients

  • The satisfaction of clean teeth

  • The confidence our patients get after we work on their teeth

  • The everyday conversations and getting to chat with different people


5 Secrets of Dentistry Revealed

  1. Dentistry is an Art form and a Science. Have you ever been to more than one dentist? One says one thing and one says another? You aren't sure which to choose? Is one lying and the other telling the truth? and how would you know? Well to be perfectly honest, sometimes dentistry can be an art form. Some dentists have the philosophy of getting a problem before it gets too big and costs more, others take a wait and see approach. Some dentists like to attach your crown with one type of material, while another will completely disagree. It's not that one is wrong, it's they don't have the same approach. One of the ways we try to avoid this, at the Tooth Doctors, is we show you the picture of your mouth so you can actually see what is going on. You don't have to take our word for it.

  2. Do you know where your teeth go after the dentist has extracted them? The tooth fairy takes them! Ha haha, actually, for some time Dr. Rob saved the teeth he extracted and gave them to a dental student to practice on. If it is a child, he gives the tooth back to the child to give to the tooth fairy but not before he tells her all about it. If there is no one to give it to, the tooth is disposed of.

  3. Do you know why the dentist and hygienist ask you questions with their hands in your mouth? We don't forget you can't answer and we don't expect you to answer but dentists have long ago realized asking questions and talking to you will calm you down and take your focus away from us with our hands in your mouth. Don't worry next time Dr. Rob asks a question and you can't answer, he knows.

  4. Does your dentist know if you floss/smoke/do drugs? Pretty much always YES! The mouth is a gateway to your body and often indicators are in your mouth before they are anywhere else. Dentists can tell by your teeth about the state of your body. We can see if you don't floss, we can tell if you smoke and drug use is very evident. Other things a dentist can often spot is an eating disorder, diabetes, and heart disease. This is why it's so important to be seen by your dentist 2x per year.

  5. Dentists in places with no -fluoridated water do a LOT more fillings. Fluoride has it's controversies but for dentists, it makes a big difference if your city puts it in the water or not.

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