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Summer Adventures? Don't Forget THIS Item!

What adventures does this summer hold for you? Will you be hiking? Camping? Heading out to discover “roads less travelled”?  Knowing what’s suitable to pack on such travels is important, particularly, if you are packing light and taking only what you can carry in your backpack. There’s one item that I’d like to suggest that you don’t leave home without (and not for the reasons that you’d likely assume!) 

Having DENTAL FLOSS in your pack will ensure that you have pristine oral health while adventuring, but there are many remarkable uses for floss that you may not have thought of. 

  1. Start a fire; Dental floss that is wax coated will burn easily, making it a perfect replacement for tinder when lighting a fire. Wrap a length of waxed floss around a dry stick or bark and light like a candle.

  2. DIY first aid and stitches; emergencies happen, and you may need to deal with them quickly and efficiently. A tourniquet can be fashioned out of a length of floss, and in a pinch, floss and a sterile needle can be used to stitch a wound to prevent bleeding. 

  3. Clothes line; string dental floss between 2 trees and lightweight clothing can be hung to dry (in the event you got caught in the rain or fell into a body of water)

  4. Cut food; use floss like a knife to slice through fruits and cheeses, some meats and cooked eggs (among other things) 

  5. Use as a temporary shoelace or hair tie, or to sew tears in clothing. 

  6. Build a shelter; Dental floss can be used to secure tree branches together or tie down tarps to forge a shelter.

  7. Protecting food supplies; use floss to tie up your food and protect it from attracting animals and critters in the wild.

  8. Secure your pant legs; tie floss around the bottom of pants to secure against wind and cold to retain heat and/or to protect against ticks.

  9. As it was intended; in combination with brushing to prevent gums diseases and tooth decay! 

Have you ever had an opportunity or necessity to use dental floss for something other than maintaining a healthy smile? If so, we would love to hear about it ... please leave us a comment or send us a message to share your story!

Dental floss does a lot more than prevent gum disease! With all of its uses, you may need to remind yourself to use it for what it is originally intended, lol!

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