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We Turn 10 Today!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

It’s Celebration Time! We are so excited to be 10 years old and also quite shocked that it’s been 10 years! They’ve been pretty fun years.

Dr. Rob is jumping up excitedly because we've been in business for 10 years
It's our 10th Anniversary Today

Today, we are looking back at the past years to our favourite memories.

Here they are:

Dr. Rob:

My favourite memories are just from the everyday interactions with our team and our patients. It was in those days that we built relationships, had great laughs, built friendships, and created this incredible team.

The team is eating smile cookies


My favourite memories in the last 10 years are from making our Christmas cards. It was always so fun to plan and then take picture of the team. It was so nice when patients would come to our office and tell us how much they enjoyed our card. I think my favourite card was this year's when we decided to tie Dr. Rob up in some Christmas lights.


One of my favourite memories is when Dr. Wong wore the tooth fairy costume on Halloween! 🦷🧚‍♀️


My favourite memory from my short time at the Tooth Doctors, would be the very first Team BBQ! I had literally only been with the team for a week, but Dr. Rob insisted I be there, husband and kids in tow! It made me feel sooo comfortable and at ease!


July 2011 being enormously pregnant with Mason and trying to work around him.

Also going to Vegas , it was a great opportunity to bond as a team.


I remember meeting Dr. Rob for the first time ... I was at the unfinished, soon-to-be Tooth Doctors office, installed at a desk “ready to answer the phone!” (FYI - I do remember which one of you was the very first patient to call!) We weren’t yet open and there were still contractors in and out finishing up the last details on our office space. This was my first dental job ... brand new dental assistant graduate, and I was nervous, and excited, and kind of scared to meet “The Dentist”.

Dr. Rob showed up, sat himself down at the desk next to mine and, in his Dr. Rob kinda way, chatted with me like we already knew each other. And now here we are ... 10 years later, just like that!


One of my many favourite memories over the last 10 years was probably our team Christmas gift from Dr. Wong a few years back. Dr. Wong took the team to I Fly which is an indoor sky diving experience in a wind tunnel.

The experience was amazing and really gave you a good idea of what the feeling would be like sky diving. We all took our turns in the wind tunnel, holding the proper, normal body position while flying in the air. However when it was Dr.Wong’s turn his composure was anything but normal. He was ALL OVER THE PLACE! It really looked like an awkward floppy chicken.

I have to say I was pretty sore after that experience but not from the strain on my body but rather from laughing so hard!

Thank you Dr. Wong and team for all the wonderful experiences!

Here is a gallery of some of our memories over the last 10 years:

For our 10th Anniversary, we had hoped to have a huge celebration with some shawarma and balloons, a movie and cake but like many parties, it has been cancelled. We decided in March that the best way to celebrate our turning 10 was to give to the community who have supported us for these 10 years. We used our birthday budget to buy lunch for Stevenson Memorial Hospital workers. While it meant we won’t be having a party, we feel like it was the perfect way to celebrate.

Thanks for the past 10 great years and here's to the next 10!

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