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Halloween Healthy

By Kasia

With Halloween fast approaching, tooth decay will be on the rise. Most of us love to sneak a candy or two….or three, even as parents. No one is judging, after all who can resist that mouth watering sweetness, especially the CHOCOLATE!! Thing is, if we don’t ensure we’re cleaning that sugary goodness off our children’s and our own teeth properly, we are putting ourselves at greater risk for tooth decay.

Here are a few helpful tips to reduce the risk of tooth decay while still allowing your family to enjoy the yummy stuff.

1) Make sure you eat a balanced healthy meal before you head out trick or treating to avoid a candy overload when you return home.

2) Make sure your children are aware of what your expectation are. Talk to them about how much candy can be collected and how much can be eaten when you get home.

3) Allow a limited amount of candy as a treat after a healthy dinner and avoid snacking throughout the day.

4) Throw out the candy they do not like especially if it is the sticky type of candy that tends to stick to the teeth like toffee or gummies.

5) Drink plenty of water to wash away the candy from your teeth and avoid sugary drinks like pop.

6) Brush and floss your teeth after every meal to clean away any tooth decay causing bacteria.

7) Always maintain your regular dental hygiene visits.

Halloween is always a fun time for people of all ages especially when you can reduce your risk of any dental visits due to tooth decay. So have fun, dress up, enjoy responsibly and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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