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Did You Floss Today?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

We've been finding that more and more people are forgetting to floss! With changes in routine, sometimes things like flossing get lost. Please make sure you add this routine back into your schedule.

COVID-19 Infections Rates Remain Lower Than Other Health Professionals

We were happy to read the article by Oral Health group about a study saying how dentists continue to have lower COVID-19 Infection rates. It means that while we are working in your mouth, our protocols have been working to lower infection rates in our offices. The article says

“This study shows high rates of pre-appointment screening of patients and appropriate infection control measures throughout the study period, demonstrating that adhering to very strict protocols for enhanced infection control helps protect their patients, their dental team and themselves.”

We hope this means that all of our patients feel comfortable coming into our office to get their regular oral health check up. Remember that your oral health is important too. If you'd like to read more about the article click the oral health link.



welcome to our cottage wooden sign with wreath

We have found ourselves in a very fortunate position of having a larger Instagram following. We have come to realize it is a perfect platform for us to share the amazing small businesses here in Alliston and surrounding area. We also found out that not only is it good for these local businesses, it also give us the warm fuzzies! It makes US feel good. We decided to continue to promote the great businesses in Alliston and areas. We would love it if you took a look at these businesses, supported them, at least by giving them a heart on Instagram, and telling your friends about them.

We know we haven't been in your inbox in a few months but these are the small businesses we've been talking about lately: (click on the links to bring you to their instagram)




  • It's Canadian OWNED!

  • It deals with Insurance the way Canadians deal with insurance (not American which made for some workarounds in our last system).

  • It is completely compliant with Canadian Dentistry privacy laws (our old system was soon to become outdated)

  • It is almost 100% paperless (SOON)

We are all still learning the system but once we are all up and running we are very excited about the new features. We hope it works better than our previous system. We are most excited about the paperless part.

In order to help us be paperless you could make sure we have an updated email address and number where we can text you!

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