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Is It Important to Treat Cavities in Baby Teeth?

October 16, 2012 by admin

A common question asked by parents is if it is necessary to place a filling in primary teeth (baby teeth) when there is a cavity. The answer is, yes – it is very important! Children need their primary teeth for many different reasons. They are important for chewing, speech and space maintenance for permanent teeth. Children typically begin shedding their primary teeth by age 6-8, however canines and molars are generally present until age 11-13. Leaving a cavity in your child’s mouth untreated will potentially lead to pain, infection and possibly extraction. Sometimes extraction is the best option, however if a baby tooth is lost too early, without follow up treatment, additional crowding problems that are often more difficult to correct can occur.  An x-ray will show the size of a cavity and where the permanent tooth is erupting, helping with a diagnosis for treatment. Sometimes restoring the tooth may be unnecessary if it appears the tooth will be lost soon. If it appears the tooth will remain in place for years longer, removing decay and placing a filling would be the best treatment for your child. Regular dental visits are important for helping children keep their teeth clean, educating them about proper care and catching problems early to help make treatment easier.

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