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Should I Go To The Dentist?

We know some of our patients may be worried about what has been going on with the corona virus (COVID-19) and what to do about going to the dentist. We wanted to write to assure you of what we do, and are continuing to do, to keep our patients and team safe.

Everyone at The Tooth Doctors are trained in the proper infection control protocols and practice this everyday regardless of COVID-19. We disinfect each room between patients with medical grade sterilization products (this means it kills more than Lysol wipes). All instruments that come into contact or may come into contact with a person’s saliva are sterilized in our hospital-grade machines and meet the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health. We all practice proper hygiene care and regularly and thoroughly wash our hands before and after each of our patients.

If you are worried, please ask us! We want to ensure our patients are comfortable in our chairs and would be more than happy to discuss with you anything that may of be concern.

We are asking all of our patients who have flu-like symptoms to reschedule their appointments to reduce the risk of spreading any virus (something we hope our patients do every winter). We have put out a sign and masks for anyone who does come into the office that may have flu symptoms for the safety of the team and other patients. We have hand sanitizer available for anyone wishing to sanitize their hands.

We’ve been taking special care to disinfect things that are regularly touched by patients - like door handles, chairs, the coffee maker, our credit card machine.

We have been double checking to ensure our protocols are followed for everyone’s safety. We’ve been in contact with the health unit to ensure we are doing what we can.

We recommend fruits and vegetables, especially those with Vitamin C, lots of rest, exercise, and sunshine (if you can find that sun!). We urge you to work on methods of keeping stress and worry levels low as stress can lower your immune response. We feel that these few preventative steps are important too.

If you’d like further information from our office, we’d be happy to answer any concerns- please give us a call at (705)530-1600. For any further information regarding the virus in Simcoe Muskoka click this link -

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