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We Are Celebrating This Week!

It’s dental assistant week and we are confident in saying we have the best assistants out there! From Christine, who keeps us organized, stays on top of everything at the same time as keeping track of every patient, their families, their individual needs, and the little things like when they go on holidays or what Honda schedule they are following. To Kasia, our long suffering assistant who knows what Dr. Rob needs before he even asks, who actually listens and hears (a big difference between listening and hearing) to each and every patient who sits in her chair, who makes people feel calm & confident, and who’s eyes still sparkle even after 10 year of working alongside Dr.Rob! All the way to our newest recruit, Laura, who is BOTH a hygienist AND an assistant, who helps wherever she can, who makes us smile, who is so creative, who is quiet but still her patients seem to open up & feel confident when she is taking care of their teeth. Our three assistants are the lifeblood of our practice. Things would come to a screeching halt quite quickly without them! Please help us in thanking these AMAZING women this week! We are so proud of them, proud we have such incredible people willing to pour their blood sweat and tears into our cause, and so thankful!

Thanks Christine, Kasia, & Laura!

All About Dental Assisting:

Cool Fact: In the past, dental assistants did not require any extra schooling beyond Grade 12! In fact, you might still find some dental assistants who did all of their training on the job.

Most likely now, an assistant has gone through a 2 year college program to get the certification they need. An assistant has SO MANY more jobs than just assisting the dentist, although that’s a huge part of it. Christine (wo)mans the front desk, deals with insurance, keeps protocols up to date, assists Dr. Rob, keeps the instruments sterilized, manages health and safety, actually manages the whole office. Kasia works with Dr. Rob, she orders supplies, manages office maintenance, keeps the equipment sterilized, makes models, trims them, & so much more. Laura works double with assisting Dr.Rob and being a hygienist, often both on the same day! She also works at sterilizing equipment, new patients exams, and office maintenance. Each team member is highly skilled in things like sterilization, infection control, communication, oral health, insurance, x-rays, and often can jump into each other’s positions if needed! They are so versatile and integral to the workings of the office. It’s definitely an interesting job!

If you want to help us in giving our assistants the applause they deserve you can drop us a line on Instagram, Facebook, give us a shout, or leave us a review.

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