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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

In like a lion, will March go out like a lamb? It's only the beginning of the month and it's already been quite dramatic.

Is It Safe To Go to The Dentist?

One of the most searched for terms in dentistry right now is "Is it safe to go to the dentist?" and we thought we'd like to answer this question for you.

We've been told that COVID is spread through the air from your mouth or nose and thinking that the dentist is about working with your mouth, it's not a surprise that people are concerned to go to the dentist. Despite the fact that we are working in your mouth we've been wearing PPE and using infection controls before it was cool and we have strict guidelines we adhere to for extra protective measures.

What does it mean that we wearing PPE and using infection control protocols before they were cool? It means that we are experts in how to protect you and others from being contaminated with any kind of infection. We've always used masks, we've always sterilized our rooms, we've always sterilized our equipment. Infection control has been a top priority in our office since the day we opened our doors.

Did you know Dr. Rob uses the philosophy that we treat every single patient as if they have a highly contagious disease that could be life threatening to our patients or our team? We've perfected these procedures a decade before COVID hit. This means we were already creating a safe place for you to come in.

In order to create a space that is as safe as possible, we've also gone above and beyond the guidelines set out by the province to create a safe environment. The new safety protocols call for enhanced PPE. In procedures where we know we will be a little riskier, we operate behind glass doors, we let our rooms sit between each patient. We also have installed surgically clean air filters. Those are the filters that you see on the Herzig Eye Institute commercials. They are hospital grade filters that filter the air of any impurities, including COVID-19.

There are so many measures we take to ensure your safety. It does, in the end come down to your comfort level, but we feel comfortable enough bringing our families in, and we hope you do too.


We've decided to change our # Follow Friday to # Small Business Saturday so we can help support small businesses in Alliston and surrounding area. We love our community! This is our favourite part of social media, when we can show off the amazing things our community does! We don't just chose our patients (although we do have incredible patients and many of them are featured on our page). We show you who in the community we are really enjoying right now. We hope you love them too! Or at least follow them!

# Small Business Saturday

This month these are the amazing people you'll see featured on our social media

Rebel Crumb -@rebelcrumb (rebel scum - rebel crumb - it's a great play on words). We wrote about them in our last blog post but then we actually tried their GF Vegan donuts and fell in love! If you haven't tried them yet, do it! NOW! It's amazing!

La Belle Vie- @labellevieskin You might have seen them in our 12 days of Christmas Giveaway. These women are amazing and so friendly. You go in there and you feel like royalty! After being shut down, re- opened and shut down again, it's nice to be able to support them.

Northern Blush Floral - @northernblushfloral . This cute floral shop started last year! A huge reason to give them a shout out, but also you might swoon over the gorgeous creations. Stop by at Northern Blush Floral and get a muffin from Rebel Crumb too! They are both in what was "The Market"


Things going on around the office

Golf Season is Coming

Dr. Rob always gets a little bit excited around this time of year. I bet if you searched his browsing history, you'd find quite a few visits to golf town. With golf around the corner Dr. Rob is doubly excited about the new Tooth Doctors golf balls that came in. If you are a golfer, strike up a conversation with Dr. Rob about golf and see his eyes light up!

Day Light Saving Time

This weekend is daylight savings time. This means we are all a little bit more sleepy on Monday Morning! Don't forget to change your clocks, especially if you have a dentist appointment Monday. We spring 1 hour forward. This photo: Dr. Rob is springing forward (don't ask, we aren't sure about him either!).

Nutrition Month

It's Nutrition Month and we are excited to share our favourite nutritious recipes because we know healthy strong teeth come from what you eat too! Christine's shared her favourite

It's her go to when she needs something delicious and nutritious! Check us out on instagram or facebook to see what else is cookin' in the Tooth Doctors' kitchen!


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