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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

First, we want to thank any past or present member of the Canadian military for their service and sacrifice. We especially want to thank those serving at Base Borden. We are honoured to have such incredible people serving our country. We value your service and want you to know how much it means to all of us what you do for us.

We were lucky enough this year to be able to display the picture of Donald R. McKillican a WWII soldier. We did a little research about him because we want to remember. We found that Donald served our country and our community in his illustrious life. It brings home the reality of what kinds of sacrifices were made for us. For that we are grateful and we remember.


The Gales of November?

Who has been loving this amazing spring weather in November!? 2020 certainly has been an interesting year, even the weather is different. Dr. Rob's even been out golfing and the rest of us have been outside enjoying the beautiful weather with our families. You may have noticed a bright light coming from the back of our office - if you have, it's the sun. We've been propping the door open to make the most of this gorgeous weather.

It's been so nice, but we know that the cooler stuff is on the way. With the cooler stuff, often comes sensitive teeth. Do you have sensitive teeth? Does it hurt to breath in the cold air outside?

Tooth Sensitivity is often due to exposed roots. Your gums recede from your roots and the nerves are exposed. This makes it much more uncomfortable to breath deeply in the cold weather. The good news is:

  1. If you are wearing a mask you won't be breathing so much cold air

  2. It can be prevented by brushing your teeth lightly and using a soft bristle brush

  3. If you have recession you can do something about it. The solutions include:

    1. varnish on your roots

    2. gum grafts

If you are experiencing any sensitivity on your teeth, talk to Jen, Nicole, or Laura! They are our experts on it!


Quote of the Month

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Things going on around the office

Rev. Donald Royce McKillican

For Remembrance day this year we are proud to display a veteran from Alliston. We did a little research on Mr. Donald McKillican and found he attended elementary and high school in Alliston. He then went on to serve in the Royal Canadian Air Force. When he came home from the war he kept learning. He went to several universities, around the world, it seems. He served our community as a Reverend for many years after his military service. We love being able to remember such an incredible man who served us in so many ways.

New Shoes

Now that the winter weather is upon us, we've purchased some sandals for you to wear in the office. This will ensure we are able to keep things a lot cleaner. Our sandals will be sanitized between each patient.

What to Expect

For anyone who has not come into our office since we've re-opened, we have some new protocols. We are keeping traffic to a minimum, spacing our appointments out further so we have a chance to sanitize and let our rooms settle. We are inviting people into the office as we are ready for them in order to allow for social distancing. Mostly, we are keeping up the high standards of disinfection and sanitization that we always have in order to keep our patients and team safe.


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