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Tips For Parents of Little Ones!

by Jenny

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe summer!! I would like to review a couple of things for the parents that have little ones, not old enough to be taking care of their own dental hygiene. Most parents feel that by the ages of 2 or 3 children are old enough to be responsible for their own brushing.

The truth is children do not spend enough time brushing. Children should be brushing for 2 minutes, or the length of the birthday song. We usually notice more plaque buildup on the upper cheek side of the posterior teeth and on the bottom posterior teeth on the tongue side.

Many children like to fight the fight of independence. If your child is one of these who like to brush by themselves, that’s great! Let them brush for as long as they would like, but explain to them that an adult also needs to have a turn when they are done. We have many parents ask about flossing as well. Should we or not?  The truth is that every child is different. Some children have big beautiful spaces in between their teeth and it is easier to keep food away from in between their teeth.  If your child’s teeth are very close together and you are not able to clean in between the teeth with the tooth brush, it would be a great idea to floss regularly. It is always best to start your child young with good habits. Spacing or not, flossing is recommended for all children. With the start of the school year coming soon, now is a good time to incorporate good habits. Include healthy snack options and water instead of juices in lunches. These little changes through the day will make a big difference in your child's dental health as well as over health.

Good Luck with back to School!!

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