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We Are Open!

Things are looking a little bit different around here!

We’ve really missed everyone’s faces in our office. It’s was feeling very empty. We are so excited to be open now!

We are ready to go and seeing ALL patients, including hygiene and ortho! While things are back, they are quite different. We are all still learning the ropes so we appreciate your patience and co-operation with the new policies.

All of our changes are either meeting our regulatory body's guidelines or go above what they've asked of us.

These are the measures we have taken so far to keep you, your family, your loved ones, those you recommended to our office, and our team safe:

  • we’ve removed all magazines & toys from the waiting room

  • we’ve removed our coffee station (😫 we are hoping these are all temporary measures)

  • we’ve installed shields at our front desks

  • we’ve purchased air purifiers proven to filter out COVID-19

  • we've installed doors on our hygiene rooms

  • we are screening each patient BEFORE they walk into our doors

  • we are implementing a higher frequency cleaning disinfecting protocol between each patient

  • we are continuing to practice our rigorous sterilization process

  • we are wearing facemarks and gown when necessary

Before COVID-19, the Tooth Doctors ALREADY operated as if each patient who came in had an infectious disease. This protocol was always in place to protect our patients and team. We will continue these practices and are grateful for them as it means that we are already well trained in keeping our people safe.

You will notice a few changes in our office.

  • You will see shields

  • An empty waiting room

  • Air purifiers

  • New doors

  • Some of our team members will be wearing gowns, face shields, masks, and gloves.

We plan on posting pictures of us in our new garb to help our patients, particularly the young ones, get used to our new fashion statement. If you follow us on social media, you can prepare yourself and child(ren) by looking at the photos.

Behind those masks and shields will be the same smiling team as before. Well, maybe a bit different. I think we’ve all learned how much we enjoying seeing all of you on a day to day basis. We’ve learned how valuable the human interaction is.

We are looking forward to seeing you back! We’ll keep you updated!

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