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Dental X-Rays & What We Do Differently at The Tooth Doctors

by Janet

We have been busy improving and learning at the office again!  This month I wanted to explain a bit about radiographs (x-rays) and what we do differently at The Tooth Doctors to make this essential part of dentistry less time consuming and more accurate for our patients. Radiographs are used as a diagnostic tool in dentistry – a way for us to be able to see between the teeth and through the gums at the bone levels holding the teeth in place.  This allows our doctors to diagnose cavities that could be hiding between the teeth and evaluate the integrity of existing restorations.  We are also able to evaluate the bone that is holding the teeth in place and the health of the roots of the teeth.  Health problems in the mouth can often be diagnosed through radiographs and treated before symptoms arise and cause discomfort.

We have recently switched to the Schick sensor for our radiographs.  This is a benefit to our patients for a few reasons. SPEED – The Schick sensor is connected directly to the computer in the operatory the patient is in.  This means we don’t have to go to a different room to develop or scan the images so they can be seen.  In fact, it takes less than a minute from the time the image is exposed to the time it appears on the computer screen! ACCURACY – Our new system provides a crisper, more accurate image.  This allows potential problems to be diagnosed sooner than ever before!  Also, as the images are digital, we are able to quickly and easily provide copies to those who require them such as insurance companies and specialists. EXPOSURE TIME – The exposure time (time it takes to capture the image) is now 0.10 of a second.  Previously it was 0.20 of a second, so this means the exposure time for one image has been reduced by half! As you can see, we’ve been working hard to improve your overall dental experience.  Have a fun and safe March Break everyone, and hope to see you soon!

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