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Gum Probing

by Isabelle

At The Tooth Doctors, our hygienists routinely examine your gums health and pay close attention to any changes that may occur from one visit to the other.  

Whereas bleeding, swelling and redness are well known inflammation signs associated with gingivitis, abnormal probing depths or “deep pockets” may indicate more severe periodontal problems.  There is a space naturally present between your gums and your teeth called sulcus.  During gum probing, hygienists will measure the sulcus depth at 6 points around each tooth.  Unless the gums are swollen, measurements higher than 3mm are usually associated with what is called periodontitis.  

Periodontitis occurs when a specific type of plaque bacteria enters the sulcus and destroys the attachment of gum fibers to the tooth.  This destruction inevitably comes along with bone loss and may compromise teeth stability in the long run.  It is very common among adults and is the leading cause of tooth loss.  Systemic diseases, consumption of tobacco and genetic predispositions are amongst other causes of periodontal diseases.  Daily home dental care, including flossing, along with regular hygiene appointments are the first steps in preventing periodontal diseases.  Don`t hesitate to talk with your hygienist and inquire about your gum health!  

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