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Happy Visits

by Dr. Robert Wong

As a dentist and father of two young children, I often get asked “when should my child see the dentist?”  I recommend that the first dental visit should be at age 1 or when the first tooth erupts into the mouth.  These visits are a stress-free ‘Happy Visit’ to help the child get comfortable in the dental environment.  My team at The Tooth Doctors will have the child comfortable with cartoons on the TV, cool sunglasses and an enthusiastic attitude to make the visit as easy as possible.  Additionally, home oral hygiene care will be discussed.

By seeing children earlier than the traditional age of 3, I believe that we can implement a more preventative-oriented dental care for your child to prevent early childhood cavities.  Early childhood cavities occur when multiple teeth have decay, usually due to a combination of constant feeding (bottle at night), ineffective home oral hygiene, and lack of professional dental care.  The ounce of prevention by bringing your child in around age 1 can result in a more pleasant dental experience for your child and possibly prevent dental fear that a majority of adult patients experience in one form or another.

As always, you can find me diligently working away at The Tooth Doctors throughout the week and feel free to pop in and say ‘Hi’ or if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Enjoy the summer!

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