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Oral Hygiene . . . The Best Gift To Give

by Bailey  

Every Christmas growing up my brother and I looked most forward to opening our stockings on Christmas morning. Our parents always had them jam packed with little toys and knick knacks that we loved getting and we also loved swapping one another for the best stuff! One thing that never failed to show up in our stockings every year was a travel sized bottle of mouth wash, a tube of toothpaste, a new toothbrush and a bag of mini flossers. Now, one may think that as a child we would be disappointed to find these oral hygiene products in our stocking instead of a chocolate bar or a bag of gummy candies, but it was quite the opposite. My brother and I both appreciated these gifts as they are products we were actually going to use and we considered these products essentials. We would use our new toothbrushes for a couple months until they needed replacing and enjoyed trying new toothpaste flavors and brands. Switching up the type and brands of toothpaste always kept us interested in brushing and caring for our teeth.

Have you wanted to incorporate oral hygiene into Christmas and have thought about giving these simple tools as stocking stuffers but you aren’t sure if they will be appreciated? Chances are they will be put to good use! Tooth brushes come in all  shapes, sizes and designs these days. There are toothbrushes for every child’s favorite cartoon character and tooth paste in flavors such as bubble gum, cinnamon and even banana. Adults don’t need to feel left out when it comes to receiving oral hygiene tools as a Christmas gift either. Though the stores may not supply adult sized cartoon character toothbrushes there are new toothbrushes on the market everyday that involve some of the latest technology to peak any adult’s interest. Brands such as Oral B and Phillips offer some of the best oral hygiene products that offer features such as timed brushing and strong vibrations/spinning heads for plaque removal (yes, these brushes come in a variety of colors!)  At this time of year it is essential to emphasize good brushing habits as we all know sweets, chocolates and other sorts of junk foods can be the main dish at every holiday gathering. Don’t doubt yourself when buying oral hygiene products for a loved one this Christmas; nothing beats the gift of a healthy smile!

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