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The Importance of a Custom Made Mouth Guard

September 10, 2012 by kasia Leave a Comment

As you may know, The Tooth Doctors have been working in co-operation with the TNT Hockey Mouthguard Fundraiser program as well as offering free custom made mouthguards as part of our New Patient Exam and Hygiene promotion.

It is important to know why you need a mouthguard if you play any contact sport:

    Absorbs the shock of a blow to the mouth     Minimizes the risk of fracturing teeth which can lead to a root canal     Minimizes the risk of loosing teeth     Protects the jaw from injuries such as fractures     Minimizes the risk of a concussion if the blow is to the lower jaw     Minimizes the risk of damage to brackets if you wear orthodontics and protects the lips and cheeks from soft tissue injury by acting as a barrier     Minimizes the risk of damage to a fixed bridge

The three most common mouthguards are “custom made”, “stock, and “boil and bite”.

Custom Made mouthguards are fabricated in the dental office or lab and are most recommended due to fit, comfort and protection. These mouthguards are typically more expensive because they are customized specifically for you and will not dislodge during collisions, breathing or speaking. The life span on these mouthguards is significantly longer than store bought mouthguards due to the quality of the material used to make them.

Stock mouthguards come pre-formed and do not fit as comfortably as custom made mouthguards. The protection level with these mouthguards is lower, and are therefore less expensive.

Boil and Bite mouthguards are marginally better than stock mouthguards because the fit is slightly more comfortable. These mouthguards work by softening them in boiled water, then placing them in the mouth to adapt to your mouth.

If you or your child plays a contact sport such as hockey, soccer, football, rugby, volleyball, boxing, martial arts, wrestling, lacrosse, basketball or any other sport where there is potential for injury, you should invest in a custom made mouthguard as part of your athletic protective equipment.

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