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Oral Health for Total Health

April 10, 2012 by christine Leave a Comment

April is Oral Health Month, which makes this an ideal time to remind everyone about the importance of good oral health. Taking care of your mouth, teeth and gums positively impacts all components of overall health. Poor oral health affects one’s appearance and self esteem. It is linked to sleeping problems and behavioral and developmental issues in children. Cavities and gum disease result in an increased risk of chronic disease such as diabetes and respiratory disease. There are links between poor oral health and heart disease as well as pregnant women delivering pre-term, low birth rate babies.

I have put together an Oral Health Took Kit to provide more information and resources for maintaining good oral health based on overall health and prevention.


Practice Good Oral Hygiene by brushing thoroughly twice a day and flossing daily. The following links provide useful tips for brushing and flossing techniques.

Regular Visits to Your Dental Care Professional. Maintaining good oral health is important. Prevention is always less costly and less painful than problems you ignore. Regular recare visits to your dentist and hygienist will guarantee that you preserve that healthy smile.

Sometimes regular dental care can be unaffordable. Healthy Smiles Ontario and CINOT are two provincially funded dental programs that cover dental services for eligible children 17 years of age and under who do not have access to any form of dental coverage. The following link provides additional information on the Healthy Smiles Ontario and CINOT programs.

Good Nutrition is important in helping build strong teeth and gums. Making healthy choices based on Canada’s Food Guide, while limiting foods that are high in sugar or acid will ensure a healthy mouth. You may find the following link to Canada’s Food Guide useful.

The following link to Eat Right Ontario is a valuable resource providing nutritional information to help make healthier food choices. It includes information on food and nutrition, meal planning, healthy eating and recipes provided by registered dietitians.

Quit Smoking as it is a major factor in oral and dental disease, including oral cancer. The following links provide information on smoking cessation and support.


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