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April Is Oral Health and Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April 11, 2013 by deanna

Time to take a moment to remind everyone that our oral health is directly linked to our overall health . . .  the research is out there, so take some time to care for your mouth by flossing, brushing and regularly checking for any changes you might notice (don’t forget to also visit with your favorite dental team!)

Now, for some fun facts you might not already know as compiled by The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association:

1. The average person purchases approximately 18 yards of dental floss per year. This number should be a lot higher (around 122) . . . but we know it can’t be our clientele bringing that average down

2. The toothbrush was first patented in the 1800’s

3. Today’s average toothbrush has 2000 bristles

4. Blue is the more popular toothbrush color over red. More than twice as many blue toothbrushes are purchased each year

5. The average amount of time that Canadians spend brushing their teeth is only 60 seconds (a minimum of 2 minutes  twice daily is recommended . . .  again not our peeps!)

6. The average tooth earns $2 from the tooth fairy. In 1950, it was 25 cents and in 1988 $1 (my teeth must not have been quite up to the tooth fairy’s standards in the 80’s)

7. The largest mammal on earth, the blue whale, has no teeth.

8. A snail has more teeth than a dog, a cat, an armadillo or a pig (we’re talking thousands in those tiny little mouths – I think I might have nightmares after learning this!)

9. 300 types of bacteria make up dental plaque – ew!

10. Honey and eggshells were once used by Romans to make paste for cleaning the teeth.

11. There is actually someone whose job includes squeezing toothpaste onto Prince Charles’s toothbrush – the Royal Valet.

12. At birth, the only fully developed organ in the human body is the tongue.

Hopefully you’ve learned something interesting in these facts. Don’t forget April is Oral Health Month and Oral Cancer Awareness Month – “like” us on Facebook to keep up to date on what we’re doing in the office in April and throughout the year.

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