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Straight talk about misaligned teeth

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

by Jen & Tamara

Our team woke up at quarter to 4 on Friday morning to drive to the city to learn all about Invisalign. Even though we were pretty tired, we got some great information we’d love to pass on to you!

How is it Done

Gone are the days of the messy impression materials, and metal brackets with wires and elastics. Although traditional orthodontic treatment can be beneficial, we have alternative methods.

First, scanning technology allows for us to take an image of your teeth in our office and assess for length of treatment and end results. No impressions needed! YAY!!

Dr. Wong or one of our Team members uses a wand (we aren’t muggles here) that is no wider than your finger and scan your teeth. This scan will go directly to a computer with an accurate 3D picture of your teeth!

This picture will be used for Clear Aligner Therapy or more well known as Invisalign.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment; it is a series of aligner trays that slowly moves the teeth into proper alignment. The trays are clear, to allow for a more discrete appearance.

Each tray is worn for approximately 2 weeks before moving on to the next. The number of trays needed is based on the individuals needs, and the amount of movement required.

The aligners are:

more comfortable than traditional braces,

less restrictions on foods or activities,

and easier to brush and floss.

Learning all about Invisalign
Our Team working hard??!!

Not Just …

At the Tooth Doctors we are always saying “it’s not just a cleaning” “it’s not just a cavity” etc. Well, here we go again! “Invisalign is not just getting straight teeth."

invisalign, clear aligner therapy, braces

Did you know that your teeth are the gateway to your overall good health?

Poorly aligned teeth can put extra stress and pressure on your teeth and jawbone.

If you are experiencing cold sensitivity, chipping, food getting caught between teeth, bad breath, jaw and muscle pain, or receding gums, it could be because your teeth are misaligned.

At our course, the Invisalign experts mentioned how they originally developed these aligners for straighter teeth. Then, they were finding that so many of their patients were having results that they didn't expect, their gums stopped receding, their teeth stopped chipping, they had fewer and fewer costly dental procedures. It's no longer about just straight teeth anymore. It's about the health of your entire mouth!

When teeth are properly aligned it makes for easier home care and overall health benefits.

Don’t take our word for it! Check out their video!

So, legend has it, that in the past, when a family wanted to avoid costly dental treatment, they would pull out all of their children’s teeth! YIKES!! Thankfully, we have a much more gentle, organic solution to that! Clear Aligner Therapy.

Our team is always available to discuss any questions you may have about aligners, contact the office for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation. We are certified Invisalign Smile Consultants!

CALL US: (705) 530-1600

For some beautiful smiles check out Invisalign's instagram

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