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Which Tooth Brush is Right For Me?

By Brittany

Every so often at our office we get asked by our patients if they should continue using a manual toothbrush or switch to an electric toothbrush. Both toothbrushes are great to use, however one does do a better than the other, here is why……

electric vs manual toothbrush

Manual Toothbrushes

Manual toothbrushes work great and are effective of removing plaque, however they do not remove as much debris as an electric toothbrush. There are many types of manual toothbrushes to choose from such as different sizes of heads, soft bristled brushes, hard bristle brushes, ones that are easier to grip, some have tongue scrappers on the back and there are one for each age category. When picking a manual toothbrush think of your dental health and or dental needs. For instance, if you have sensitive gums, there are manual toothbrushes that have specific bristles in the brush that are designed to help stimulate your gums as well as keep them clean besides just the tooth surface.

manual toothbrush

Electric Toothbrushes

There are many different brands and types of electric toothbrushes out on the market. Just  as a manual toothbrush, they all have different sizes, shapes and specific designed heads for your specific dental needs. Electric toothbrushes are very beneficial for removing plaque and tend to remove more plaque and debris versus a manual toothbrush. The bristles spin around each tooth to remove any debris and bacteria from the oral cavity. If you find that you want more of a “dentist clean” feeling then using an electric toothbrush is highly recommended. Electric toothbrushes are also recommended for those with limited mobile dexterity (not able to move your wrist in the desired way) because all you need to do is guide the toothbrush and it does all the work for you. Companies such as Philips Sonicare also have helpful apps to download onto your device that way you know where to start brushing, if you are brushing too hard or if you are properly cleaning your teeth

electric toothbrush

Both a manual and electric toothbrush work effectively and are great options for taking care of your teeth. They are both designed for anyone and have their own unique characteristics so that anyone of any age can use these toothbrushes for brushing. It can be difficult to select a toothbrush that is just right for you but here are a

few tips….

  • Find out your specific needs and choose a toothbrush that will help you strive towards excellent oral health (ex. Using a toothbrush that has special bristles for sensitive teeth or gums)

  • Make sure that the toothbrush you select is comfortable to brush your teeth

  • Picking out a toothbrush that you know will fit properly in your mouth and has a head that will work effectively in your mouth

  • Choosing between a soft or hard bristled toothbrush

  • Deciding whether an electric toothbrush or a manual is best for you based on your dental needs

  • For children, selecting a toothbrush with a cartoon character, one that flashes when you they need to switch from the bottom to the top or one that look appealing to the child and will work well for brushing their teeth

Come by The Tooth Doctors and ask us for some guidance if you are unsure!

Everyone at The Tooth Doctors is passionate about your oral health and we want you to have smiles that last a lifetime! If you are ever unsure about which toothbrush you want to use please feel free to contact our office and ask us or you can always ask at your next hygiene appointment.

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